First Grade

FOOTHILLS NEWS FROM: 1st Grade & Mrs. Radtke                                              May 19, 2017


* Ssshh! We love our Miss Linda ! We are collecting donations for a Hobby Lobby gift card.

 THANK-YOU CORNER: A very special thanks to the parents that helped on our field trip to Cama Beach. It was a great time of learning, exploring, and having fun with friends! Thank-you to family and friends that attended our Spring Music Program! Thank-you to students and Mrs. Dutton for producing such an amazing program!


DRESS STANDARDS: SHORTS-no more than 3 inches above the middle of the knee. SHOES- For safety reasons the following shoes are inappropriate: Flip-flops, strapless sandals or backless shoes. (See handbook for the complete policy.) Thank-you!

 COMING UP! Reading & spelling HW are due Thur. Please also practice math facts & Bible books.

*May 24= Bridal shower hosted by Pampered Chef for our 3rd/4th teacher, Miss Lipsey.

*May 26 & 29= No School! Snow Day not used and Memorial Day

*June 1st= Graduation and Awards Celebration 7 PM

*June 2nd= Last Day of School! Field Day!   Remember sunscreen!


To celebrate our accomplishments & our hard work this school year, we will be ending the year ‘in style’. We will have a dress-up day each day during the last week of school. Please help your child come up with something appropriate for each day. It should make the last week of school very interesting and fun!

Tues, May 30=Backwards Day

Wed, May 31=Animal Day (Dress like your favorite animal!)

Thurs, June 1=Twin Day

Fri, June 2= Summer Day (tank tops, sandals, shorts, and sunscreen etc.)


BIBLE MEMORY  (Test on Friday): BOOKS OF THE BIBLE NEW TESTAMENT: Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Acts, Romans, 1st & 2nd Corinthians, Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians,                         1st & 2nd Thessalonians, 1st & 2nd Timothy, Titus, Philemon. . .


SPELLING HOMEWORK: (DUE THURS.) find, kind, mind, boy, joy, toy, boil, soil, spoil, come      Bonus Words: school, year   Sentence:  Can you find me?


MATH FACTS:           READING:   lradtke0


*CHARACTER BUILDING: RESPECT FOR OTHERS- You try to understand people’s needs and you show them courtesy. You show concern for their thoughts and feelings. You do not have to agree with people to respect them.

 *HIGHPOINT READERS:  Judah-160 min! Gabe-155 min.! AMAZING READERS!

 PENGUIN SCHEDULE: Gabe, Elizabeth, Ayden, Ailah        


With a Thankful Heart,  

Mrs. Radtke    

School: 420-9749  Mrs. Radtke’s Cell: (360) 322-2659 (6AM – 6PM)

 Our Class Loves Poetry!   THE SUN:

 MATTIAS: The sun is hot. I really like a pot. I will never touch it. The Sun

               will rise until it dies.

ELIZABETH: The sun is hot! I like it a lot. The sun is warm. It was born. The

               sun will shine. It is fine!

MICAH: The sun is hot. I like it a lot. The sun will rise. The sun will win a prize!

AYDEN: The sun is boiling like a pot. It is boiling like bubbles.

             I like it a lot – that I caught it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GABRIEL: The sun is ablaze to me. Its light is free. The sun will burn my eyes,

             but I will get a prize from God!

AILAH: The sun is hot. I like it a lot. The sun will burn me if it touches me. The

           sun likes to boil like a pot. It looks like a dot.

TAYLOR: The sun is hot like a teapot, boiling hot! But you can feel it shine on you,

           but you cannot touch it!

KENYON: The sun is blazing hot! I like it a lot! Do you like it a lot? The sun will

            rise. The sun eventually dies!

PETER: The sun is hot a lot. It is so a pot. The sun will shine bright. It gives


JOSH: The sun brings dusk when it leaves. The sun will burn me. It brings the


JUDAH: The sun is blazing hot. Its rays I like a lot. The sun will set at evening,

           I bet.

PRESTON: The sun is hot! It will shine all the time!