Welcome to Kindergarten

Kindergarten class of 2018

Growlin’ like a tiger for terrific Mr. T!

Using our 5 senses to explore gummy worms.

This week’s Newsletter

Oct. 23-27

Fall Party

  • Shoe box: Girl, age 5-9
  • Christian
    • Snack
    • Salt
  • Jacob
    • Snack
    • Drink
  • Gayle
    • Snack
    • Flour
  • Victoria
  • Stella
    • Snack
    • Cupcake liners

Wish List

1. Teachers Pay Teachers giftcard

2. Target giftcard

3. Amazon giftcard

4. Wishlist on

5. Book bins

6. Leveled readers

7. BOB books

November Science Donations

1. Indian Corn

2. Half and half cream

3. 6 baby food jars (or small jars)

4. 3 types of pie filling (to explore with 5 senses)

a. Pumpkin

b. Apple

c. Lemon

Bible Verse

“The Lord is my strength and my defense; He has become my salvation.” ~ Exodus 15:2a

Important Dates

Oct. 24: OCC shopping

Oct. 26-27: No school

Oct. 31: Fall party- wear pajamas!

Nov. 2: Science Fair 6-7 pm

Nov. 3: No school

Monthly Topics


Sight words: a, to, the, and, I, it

Oct. 2-6: Letters- L, B; Sight words- a, to

Oct. 9-13: Letters- N, M

Oct. 16-20: Letters H, S; Sight word- the; Digraph- th

Oct. 23-25: Letter- C

                Oct. 30-Nov. 2: Letters- D, G; Sight words- and, I, it


Oct. 2-6: counting 1-20; shapes (rectangle/square); #’s 9-10; right/left; writing 3; zero; greater than/less than; number families- ones, teens

Oct. 9-13: #’s 11-12; writing 4; grater than; after numbers; longer/shorter

Oct. 16-20: #’s 13-14; writing 5; ordinal numbers

Oct. 23-25: # 15; writing 6

                Oct. 30-Nov. 2: #’s 16-17; writing 7

Science/Social Studies

1. Decomposing Jack

a. How long will out Jack-o-Lantern last?

b. Decomposition

2. Lava Lamps

a. What will happen when we mix oil and water together?

b. Chemical reactions

c. Density

3. Candy Bar Boats

a. Which candy bars will sink or float?

b. Buoyancy


Isaac, Jacob, and Esau



Bible Verses:  James 2:23b,d; Genesis 28:15a; Romans 8:28; Exodus 15:2a


Personal Narratives