Parent Teacher Fellowship-The CALL

Caring ~ Accountability ~ Leadership ~ Love

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Foothills Christian School has a wonderful fellowship of parent volunteers who partner with each other, teachers and staff, called the Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF). All Foothills Christian School parents, guardians and staff are members of the PTF and are encouraged to attend meetings and school/special events. The PTF also offers a variety of teams where parents and staff may get involved.

FCS PTF-Our Mission

The mission of the PTF is to answer the CALL – Caring, Accountable, Loving, Leadership in our school, family and community. We strive to develop a positive and welcoming climate for all at Foothills Christian School, while assisting the administration in meeting its current needs.

  • Advancing the mission and vision of the school and contributing to a positive school climate.
  • Facilitating communication between the parents, the principal, the Administrative staff, the teachers, and the school board.
  • Supporting teachers, staff, and the administration to do their work effectively.
  • Enhancing parental participation in the classroom, at special events/activities and in a variety of ways upon request from school leadership.


  1. To see each family participate in their child’s education at home and at Foothills through prayer, service and commitment to each other and to Christ.
  2. To support Foothills Christian School in the development of students whose educational experience lays the foundation for Christian leadership in the world.
  3. To enhance communication among parents, faculty and administration.
  4. To encourage and stimulate parental participation in the community of Foothills Christian School.
  5. To see each family support fundraising at the school and in the community to support our teachers needs and the needs of the school.
  6. Assist with school fund raising, classroom projects, teacher appreciation week, various events, and community service projects.
  7. Meet bi-monthly if possible during the school year and at others times as needed.

*PTF officers are elected in the fall each year.

*PTF has support teams activated throughout the year to better support classrooms, activities, events and programs!

The PTF sponsors various activities, school events and functions as volunteer support to teachers and staff, and plans and coordinates school fund-raisers throughout the year. Funds raised by the PTF will be used for the betterment of the school. 

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