The educational landscape is changing and evolving at an unprecedented rate.  New resources for students, teachers and parents are now available on demand.

Foothills Christian School continues to adapt, taking advantage of both new traditional and technology-based educational resources.

Students can now tap into educational resources that are specific to their needs.

Teachers have access to new tools to create, assign and track lesson plans, attendance and much more.

Parents can easily view their child’s activities and progress and correspond with teachers to gain the best result for each student.

We will regularly post new links and descriptions for you to follow trends at FCS as well as in the wide, wide world of education today.



Focus on the Family

Tons of great resources for parents, kids and family life.  Be sure to check it out!




Attitudes that Foster Success in Christian Education!

Students’ attitudes can have a significant impact on their academic success and spiritual growth. Find out how to encourage your Christian school students towards the right attitudes for learning and being disciplined.






Welcome to the e-Learning Site.

Pursue a quality education completely online with courses taught by trusted Christian scholars, at a price you can afford, and in a way that meets your busy lifestyle. These courses are designed for personal enrichment or for certification. Whatever track you choose, we welcome you and invite you to engage with us in a continuing journey of lifelong learning.